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2. read the text and checkyour predictions. answer the questions at the end. madonna's family3 answer t (trueorystateshemadonna proferocco is a verymadonna louise ciccone is one of the most famous american singers in historis from michigan, usa. she's extremely famous for her pop and rock style andsuccessful concert tours around the world. she loves to create new sounds andtum them into popular songs, for example, la isla bonita, express yourself. muresand american life are some of her famous hits. madonna is an outgoing and seriousperson. she's not lazy or quiet. she likes to work hard, but she likes to spend timewith her family too. she has two biological children; lourdes and rocco, and twoadopted children, david and mercy. she prefers to have a healthy balance betweenher professional and personal life. also, she dedicates some of her free time tohumanitarian work, and she loves to participate in programs to children fromafrica and asia. as you can see, her life is very busy but balanced! lourdes is outdi madonna doeshumanitariandavid and melourdes doen​
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